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Can you check these multiple choice questions thanks.

1. What is the length of a rectangle that has an area of 20 square meters and a perimeter of 18 meters.

A. 10 meters
B. 2 meters
C. 5 meters
D. 9 meters
Answer: B

2. Find the minimum perimeter of a rectangle whose area is 169 square meters.

A. 42 meters
B. 13 meters
C. 26 meters
D. 52 meters
Answer: D

3. What is the measure of QT if R is between Q and T QR= 14 and RT= 5

A. 10
B. 11
C. 19
D. 9
Answer: D

4. Find the coordinates of the midpoint of the segment with endpoints D(6,6) and E(-2,2)

A. (3,4)
B. (2,4)
C. (4,8)
D. (1,-1)
Answer: B

5. If CAT and DAT form a linear pair and CAT is acute then DAT is what kind of angle?

A. acute
B. obtuse
C. right
D. straight
Answer: D

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    wow that's a whole lot of questions is that all u r h/w?

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    You are looking for the sides of a rectangle x,y such that x*y=20, and 2(x+y)=18.
    Hint: the problem's solution is in integers. So all you need to try are the factors of 20 to make x*y=20, and verify the perimeter.

    2. Correct!

    3. Check the figure
    What is the length of QT?

    4. Correct!
    How did you find the answer?

    A linear pair of angles means that two angles are adjacent and the total is supplementary (180°). If one is acute (less than 90), so what is the other? (180-(less than 90°).

    Feel free to post your answers for checking.

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