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algebra review!

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it says write the equation of the vertical line that passes through the point (7,-3). what do i need to start it off?

find the equation for the line with undefined slope and passing through the point (-1,-2). what do i need to start that off?

what equation do i use to find the slope-intercept?

whats the point-slope form?

  • algebra review! -

    any vertical line has an undefined slope and always has the form x = c, where c is a constant.
    All you need is a point, then simply state it as x = 'the x of the given point'

    so for your first one : x = 7
    for the second x = -1

    slope-intercept form looks like this
    y = mx + b, where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept

    e.g. y = 4x + 9
    the slope is 4 and the y-intercept is 9

    the point-slope form is one of the best ways to find the equation of a straight line, given the slope and a point

    e.g. given the point (5,-3) and slope of 2/3, find the equation

    y - (-3) = (2/3)(x - 5)
    3(y+3) = 2(x-5)
    3y + 3 = 2x - 10

    you can now re-arrange it to end up with any version they ask for.

  • algebra review! -

    my last line should have been

    3y + 9 = 2x - 10

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