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Find the representation of the number 256 in the following bases:
a. base six
b. base twelve
c. base two

I get how to write the number of objects as a base(whatever), but I think this is asking me to start from the end number and work backwards. I really need help. I have two different questions concerning this math concept.

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    To find the number 286 in base 12, you divide 286 by 12, note the remainder, and keep dividing until the quotient is less than 12.
    286/12 = 23 R 10
    23/12 = 1 R 11
    286 in base 12 would be 1(11)(10).
    If we use the usual notation where A=10, B=11, we have
    28610 = 1BA12

    If you proceed the same way for other bases or numbers, you will get the right answers. Post your answers for checking if you wish.

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    i am working on a math project and i need 10 different representations of the number 256..its due tomorrow

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