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Can someone please check if my answers are correct?

5. Which of the following statements about Mrs. Jones from "Thank you Ma'am" is true?
a. She is able to forgive Roger
b. She wants Roger to be her son
c. She thinks Roger should earn money for shoes
d. She wants Roger to visit her often
I think it might be A or B but I'm going more towards A

7. Describing a character's luxurious style of dress is an example of creating character through
a. sympathy
b. appearance
c. speech
d. imagery

9. One main purpose of the setting of a story is to
a. create suspense
b. provide conflict between the characters
c. provide a place for the characters to live and act
d. develop foreshadowing

10. Which of the following elements is not part of the setting?
a. character's nickname
b. the weather
c. the time period
d. the locale


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    --My bad. For the first one I think it might be A or C...not B


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    I don't know on the first on, I haven't read it.
    On 7, you better look up the word "imagery"
    I agree on the rest.

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    #5 -- You should reread the story!
    (Broken Link Removed)

    #7 -- Could be B, but there's another that's better.

    #9 -- right

    #10 -- right

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    OK, thanks

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    5. A
    7. b
    9. C
    10. A

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