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1. I don't like to eat junk food.
(Is 'junk' waste? What kinds of food are junk food? Would you name them, please?)

2. He is famous for poetry.
3. He is well-known for kindness.
4. He is noted for wealthy.
5. He is notorious for cruelty.

(Are they all correct sentences?)

6. I have at least 100 dollars.
7. I have not less than 100 dollars.
(Are both the same?)

8. I have at most 50 dollars.
9 I have not more than 50 dollars.
(Are both the same?)

10. I can't stop running on and on.
11. I can't help running on and on.
12. I can't avoid running on and on.
(Are they all the same?)

13. David was in a hurry to go back to school.

14. David was in a hurry to turn back to work.

15. David was in a hurry to return to work.
(Are the three sentences the same?0

16. What is the English term for the language which people in Switzerland use? (This is a question...)

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    #1 - Junk food is anything that is high in things that aren't particularly good for you! They are often fried (heavy in fat) or full of unneeded sugar.

    #s 2-5 - Only #4 needs correcting: "He is noted for his wealth."

    #s 6-7 - Yes, both are the same.

    #s 8-9 - Yes, both are the same.

    #s 10-12 - Yes, all are the same.

    #13 is fine.

    #14 is not quite right. #15 is better.

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