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The russian revolution in 1917 established:
A)the eastern orthodox chruch as the center of power in russia.
B)the czar as the holder of power as long as he agreed to be a communist
C)a representative government but the revolution continued.
D)peter the great as the leader of the countrys new government.
my choice is c

After the fall of the soviet union,

A)ethnic conflicts and separatist movements threatened stability.
B)most soviet satellites chose to remain part of russia.
C)the nation achieved a level of stability never seen before.
D)most russians wanted to return to soviet system.
my choice is b

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    Your first answer is right.

    But when the Soviet Union fell, the satellite countries welcomed the chance (finally) to be truly independent. The Soviets had kept the various ethnic groups together by force.

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    so im wrong for the second one then what is it

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    It could be either A or D.

    The problems in some parts of Russia have caused a lot of bloodshed.

    However, the change to a capitalistic system has caused hardships for some Russians. Under the Soviets, work was guaranteed and food and housing was heavily subsidized by the government.

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