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Homework Help: check geo

Posted by henry on Wednesday, September 2, 2009 at 8:44pm.

russian coasts lie along the pacific and artic oceans, as well as the:
A)caspian sea, black sea, and baltic sea.
B)atlantic ocean,black sea,and baltic sea.
c)capian sea,north sea,and black sea
D)North sea,black sea,and baltic sea.
.The answer is A.
The volge river connects Moscow with the:
A) Pacific ocean
B) Bering Sea
C) Mediterranean Sea
D) Caspian Sea
.The answer is D.
Russia has:
A) Large forest lands, but not much petrleum.
B)huge reserves of mineral resources.
C)small reserves of minaral resourses
D)vast petroleum deposits,but few minarals.
.The answer is B.

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