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solve by the elimination method

What is the solution of the system?

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    The elimination method is to remove one of the two variable by some linear combinations of the two equations.
    In the given case, simply adding together the two equations will eliminate the variable x.
    Proceed to solve for y.
    Substitute the value of y back into one of the equations to get the value of x.
    Adding together the two equations:
    4x-4x+8y+y = 8 + 10
    9y = 18
    y = 2
    Back-substitute y=2 into the first equation:
    4x+8(2) = 8
    4x = 8-16=-8
    Finally, substitute the values x=-2, y=2 into each of the equations to provide a check of the solution.
    4(-2)+8(2)=8 OK
    -4(-2)+2=10 OK

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