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Posted by Michelle on Tuesday, September 1, 2009 at 12:56pm.

The ledger of Piper Rental Agency on March 31 of the current year includes the following
selected accounts before adjusting entries have been prepared.
Debit Credit
Prepaid Insurance $ 3,600
Supplies 2,800
Equipment 25,000
Depreciation—Equipment $ 8,400
Notes Payable 20,000
Unearned Rent 9,900
Rent Revenue 60,000
Interest Expense –0–
Wages Expense 14,000
An analysis of the accounts shows the following.
1. The equipment depreciates $400 per month.
2. One-third of the unearned rent was earned during the quarter.
3. Interest of $500 is accrued on the notes payable.
4. Supplies on hand total $700.
5. Insurance expires at the rate of $200 per month.
Prepare the adjusting entries at March 31, assuming that adjusting entries are made quarterly.
Additional accounts are: Depreciation Expense, Insurance Expense, Interest Payable, and
Supplies Expense.

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