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Chemistry II

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What is the molarity of a solution in which 13.7 g of calcium chloride is dissolved in water to a final volume of 750.0 mL?

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    Atomic weight of
    Ca : 40
    Cl : 35.5
    Molecular weight of CaCl2=40+35.5*2=111
    Moles=weight in grams/Molecular weight
    =13.7/111 = 0.1234 moles
    Molarity = 0.1234 moles/750 ml.
    =0.165 moles/l
    Please check the atomic weights and the calculations.

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    Also note that units are missing and incorrect in places so that equations do not balance.

    Relative Atomic Mass (RAM) of
    Ca : 40
    Cl : 35.5

    Relative Molecular Mass of CaCl2=40+(35.5*2)=111

    Moles=mass in grams/RAM

    =13.7 g/111 g mol^-1
    = 0.1234 mol

    Molarity of solution = 0.1234 mol/0.7500 l.
    =0.165 mol/l

    or 0.165 M

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    Thank you Dr. Russ.

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