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<L and <M are complementary angles. <N and <P are complementary angles. If m<L = y-2, m<M = 2x+3, m<N = 2x-y, and m<P = x-1, find the values of x,y,m<L,m<M,m<N,and m<P.

how do you work this out?

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    If L and M add to 180, then
    y-2+2x+3=180 simplify that, then use
    N+P=180 or
    2x-y+x-1=180 simplify that,

    Now you have two standard equations. Solve for x and y.

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    Complementary angles add up to 90º
    Bob must have been thinking of supplementary angles

    take his two equations and set them equal to 90 instead of 180, that is ...
    y-2+2x+3=90 and 2x-y+x-1=90

    now solve for x and y, (I got x=36, y=17 ,L=15, M=75, N= 55, and P=35)

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