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Posted by anonymous on Saturday, August 29, 2009 at 2:48pm.

1. If the change in position delta(x) is related to velocity v (w/ units of m/s) in the equation delta(x)=Av, the constant A has which dimension?

a. m/s^2
b. m
c. s
d. m^2

2. If a is acceleration (m/s^2), delta(v) is change in velocity (m/s), delta(x) is change in position (m), and delta(t) is the time interval (s), which equation is NOT dimensionally correct?

a. delta(t) = delta(x)/v
b. a = v^2/delta(x)
c. delta(v)=a/delta(t)
d. delta(t)^2=2delta(x)/a

With number 1, I'm just not really sure. I think the unit for delta(x) is throwing me off a little.

For number 2, I know what it's asking, but I'm not too good at finding dimensionally correct equations. I'm leaning toward d, however. I don't see time getting squared. A little help, please?


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