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Topic #3:
Economic activities can be grouped by how and if they use natural recources. In a well-written essay, discuss the various levels of economic activities and how they are linked to the use of natural recources. Use examples to improve your answer.

This is what I have:
The varied ways in which people make a living are related to a region’s climate and natural resources.
One example of economic activity is farming because it’s impossible under certain land and climate circumstances. Even if the land can be farmed in, the rain and temperature of the area influences the farmers’ preference of crops.
Fishing, forestry, and mining, which also use natural resources directly, can only be done in places where there are fish, trees, or minerals. Activities like agriculture and forestry are called primary activities.

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    Industries that process natural recourses are termed secondary activities. Secondary activities include food processing and manufacturing.
    The third level of economic activity is made up of service industries such as transportation, advertising, government, and banking. These industries aren’t directly related to the gathering of raw materials or to manufacturing and can employ millions of people.

    Is this OK?

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    The only thing I'd add is:

    The third level uses a lot of natural resources for heat and cooling.

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    If you are trying to write an essay I strongly suggest that you don't copy the answers from a book. I see that is what you did up there, I'm homeschooled and even in regular school they will get you for that, put it into your own words. It's not hard. Just trying to help.

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