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What were the reasons our forefathers divided the government into the legislative, judicial, and executive branches?
How are the three branches of U.S. government supposed to interact?
Is the system successful? Why or why not? Are the branches balanced in power? Why or why not?
How was the conflict between supporters of a strong federal government and champions of states’ rights characterized then as opposed to now?
How could things have been designed more efficiently, if at all?

• Use at least five outside resources to support the content of your paper.

Anyone can make suggestions on how i can answer these and still try and get 5 resources? Having a little of a differicult time here.. PLease help ASAP

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    The forefathers wanted to spread the power around so that no one person or branch had all of the power. They were tired of kings who ruled everything.

    Therefore we have the legislative body that makes the laws. We have the executive branch that can veto a law and is responsible for enforcing laws. The judicial branch rules on controversies and determines if a law is constitutional.

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