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Posted by MathsHelpNeeded on Thursday, August 27, 2009 at 6:34am.

Eleven people, 7 men and 4 women, successfully completed their study at the School of Astronautics. A team of 6 people needs to be selected from them for the next intergalactic travel. In how many ways can 6 astronauts be selected, if at least 2 women and 3 men must be in the teamĀH

This question was answered by Reiny and i was wondering how she got her andwer :
For at least 2 women and 3 men, the only cases would be
2W,4M = C(4,2) x C(7,4) = 6x35 = 210 , or
3W,3M = C(4,3) x C(7,3) = 4x35 = 140

for a total of 350 ways

I would like to know how you got the 35 in the 6 X 35 and the 4 X 35
Thank You

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