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Posted by mysterychicken on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 at 2:57pm.

I have to write a short essay for this topic:
Describe the various types of forest vegetation. Make sure to give good examples of location and type of plants.

This is what I have:

Forest vegetation grows on every continent except Antartica and there are various kinds of it. There are Tropical Rain forests, Mid-Latitude forests, where deciduous trees grow, Coniferous forests, where coniferous trees grow, and other forest types, such as chaparral.
Tropical rain forests grow in areas near the Equator, because the temperature over there is warm and it rains a lot. In the rain forest, tall trees extend towards the sky and their shrubbery forms a green canopy that blocks out the sun from the forest floor. This results in a heavy undergrowth of twisting vines on the ground. The trees here keep their leaves year round, making them broadleaf evergreens.
In the Mid-Latitude forests, the dominant trees are deciduous. Deciduous trees shed their leaves during one season, usually autumn, and they also have very broad leaves such as oaks, birches, and maples. The forests can look very different throughout the year; in summer they are blossoming and green but in winter they’re bare. The lands where these forests are located have a temperate climate with sufficient rainfall, warm summers, and cool winters.
In the north are forests named coniferous after the cones that carry and protect their seeds. Coniferous forests cover huge areas stretching across North America, Europe, and Asia.
Some parts of the world have unique forest vegetation, such as the forest type of chaparral. Chaparral includes small evergreen trees and low brushes. This vegetation is uniquely adapted to a Mediterranean climate, where most of the rain falls during the winter and where summers are hot and dry. Many chaparral plants have tough leaves to hold moisture in the dry summers. Regions of chaparral are found on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, southern California, Chile, South Africa, and Australia.

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