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Intro to Psychiology 1

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Basic arithmetic is not an easy task for Jeanne. In fact, she has to work hard at understanding mathematical concepts. She finds it hard to believe that basic math skills are:

A) Present in all species

B) A natural inclination, because they relate to language

C) Present in all humand within the first days of life

D) Learned from our environment in the early stages of development

i believe its (C) present in all humans within the first days of life, because she has such a hard time understanding.

  • Intro to PSYCHOLOGY 1 -

    I agree with your answer.

  • Intro to Psychiology 1 -

    Regarding differences between the sexes, both evolutionary psychologists and sociobiologists agree that women are more __________ than men.
    A. jealous
    B. promiscuous
    C. status-conscious
    D. socially dominant

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