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Intro to Psychiology 1

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It is the proper role of a psychological research scientist to:

A) Question data

B) make safe predictions

C) Keep research methods accessible only to those involved in the research

D) Avoid making predictions.

I know it's not (B) and i don't think it's (D) either. I'm leaning towards (C) keeping method to only ones involved but then i doubt myself about (A).

Please help!

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    The answer is almost in the question. The question is:
    "It is the proper role of a psychological research SCIENTIST to:" (I emphasized the word "Scientist.")

    A scientist is a person who studies something using the scientific method. The scientific method involves:
    --Asking a Question
    --Doing Background Research
    --Constructing a Hypothesis
    --Testing the Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment
    --Analyze the Data and Draw a Conclusion
    --Communicating the Results

    So I'd say your answer is "A." If you come across data, the first thing you should do is question it. You definitely don't want to keep the methods used in your experiment only to those involved. This would violate the last rule.

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