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HCA 230

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I guest I really don't understand this assignment. Compose a list identifying the major components of health communication. Who is involved in each component? How does each component promote health communication? If not utilized, how would it reduce health communication? Provide examples.
You ready have given a hint: I'm not understanding.



  • HCA 230 -

    Components are parts of something.

    I don't know what your text materials say -- but this may help.

    Health communication includes:
    * patient-doctor communication, especially about the patient's symptoms
    * doctor-patient communication, especially about the diagnosis and possible treatment options
    * doctor-family communication when the patient is a child or mentally impaired or elderly
    * doctor-insurance company communication

    This site may also help you.

  • HCA 230 -

    I also urge you to ask your instructor for clarification.

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