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Bobpursley plz help

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Can you please check my answers

3. Tx=2x+1,XW=x+7;TW
Answer: 3x+8+TW

4. WX=X+5,TW=4x+5;TX

  • Bobpursley plz help -

    By the way I have one posted below for you to check too. Thanks for all the help:))

  • Bobpursley plz help -

    Please don't put my name in the subject box. Others here can help better than I, and I am only online a few minutes. I have another life also.

    Yes, on first.
    Yes on second.

  • geometry -

    Thanks for all the help
    sorry... :(

  • Bobpursley plz help -


    I think Bob was just trying to help when he said not to put his name in the subject. A lot of times, people might post something like that and expect a quick reply. I don't check this very often (every few days), so if someone put my name in the subject line, I would miss it completely.

    The best thing to do is put the subject in. That way, your post won't get skipped over by someone wanting to help in that subject. If the rest of the people are like me, they generally first scan for unanswered questions in an area they know, then browse through the rest. If someone can answer a math question and they see the subject as "Bobpursley," they might skip it and you might wait a long time for a reply, if you even get one.

    Just explaining the reason why Bob probably said that. Thanks for using the board and I hope you come back :).

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