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What is the volume in cubic cm of a sphere with radius 2 cm?

is it =

What is the area in m2 of a triangle with base 2.8 m and height of 10.4 m?

is it =

A sphere has a volume of 106 cm3. What is its radius (in cm)?

is it =

that doesnt look right :/

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    yes. Unless you have to worry about significant digits.
    yes, but I wonder if you should be paying attention to sig digits.

    radius=cuberoot (3*volume/(4PI))

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    The first two are OK. For the third question, use
    R^3 = [3/(4 pi)]*V
    and then take the cube root

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    To get cube root on a calculator, use the yx key


    NUMBER yx (1/3) =

    That give you the cube root of NUMBER

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    Yes, I do have to be paying attention to sig figs, just for this chapter though

    and for the third one, is it 6.297560287884612?

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