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Hi! I need a bit of help with 10 Physics problems. I have about 70, but these are the ones I either didn't get or needed help with. Thank you so much!!

What is the decimal equivalent of 3.14 × 10 7?

What is the decimal equivalent of 2.8 e-4? (In the JavaScript web language, scientific notation normally written as 2 × 103 is written as 2e3.)

10.2* 7.5 =

27.1/5.31 =

2.712 + 10.8 =

What is the volume in cubic cm of a sphere with radius 2 cm?

A sphere has a volume of 106 cm3. What is its radius (in cm)?

What is the area in m2 of a triangle with base 2.8 m and height of 10.4 m?

69 inches (exactly) is how many centimeters (exactly)?

52 miles (exactly) is how many meters (exactly)?

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    Here is what I suggest. Repost these in say three to five per post, with your thinking or work. Let us critique that, you will get better help, and we can quickly analyze what you are missing, if anything.

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