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8th grade

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You complete a project for your social studies class. There are 3 parts to the
project, worth a total of 100 points. You get 50 out of 50 points on part A,
and 23 out of 25 points on part C. The total score you received is 93 out of
100. How many points did you get on part B?

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    You need to add everything up to 93/100.
    A = 50
    B = ?
    C = 23

    Add A & C together.
    That total is 73.
    Subtract 73 from 93.
    The remainder is B score.

    Just to double check, take
    A, B, C and it should add up to 93.


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    assume the race track was 100 meters long and the race took 40 minutes. Create a possilbe distance-time graph for both the tortoise and the race.

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    some one please answer this question i need it too.

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