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Homework Help: International Business (am I correct) plz advis

Posted by scooby9132002 on Thursday, August 20, 2009 at 11:57pm.

In the following matrix, you will identify who requires a specific document to be completed or where the document needs to be filed. You will also give a short description of the document’s purpose in the importing process. Am I correct?

letter of credit= buyer’s bank

air waybill= air carrier

pro forma invoice= bank

shipper’s export declaration= Department of Commerce

general export license=?

validated export license= Department of Commerce’s Office of Export Administration

export bill of lading=?

insurance certificate=?

commercial invoices= Some importing countries
require the commercial invoice to be in their language and to be visaed by their local consul.

consular invoices=purchased from the consul

certificates of origin=issued by the local chamber of commerce and visaed by
the consul.

inspection certificates=required by buyers of grain,foodstuffs, and live

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