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5th grade English

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1. Many useful tools are made from metal.

2. Steel is an important metal for buildings and tools.

3. An iron bar will rust over time.

4. Oxygen from the air mixes with the metal.

5. That orange deposit on the outside surface is called rust.

1. tools---simple subject
are made--simple predicate

2. steel---simple subject
is---simple predicate

3. iron bar--simple subject
will rust--simple predicate

4. oxygen---simple subject
mixes---simple predicate

Could someone tell me if I answered these correctly?

  • 5th grade English -

    All look correct, except that "bar" is the simple subject in #3.

    What do you think about #5?

  • 5th grade English -

    is called--sp

  • 5th grade English -

    Yes, your choices for #5 are correct!!

  • 5th grade English -

    I need help

  • 5th grade English -

    beautiful plants grow in the everglades

  • 5th grade English -

    What is the predicate in this sentence? This alloy contains a mixture of iron and carbon.

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