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Posted by QUESTION on Wednesday, August 19, 2009 at 11:52pm.


Boxes are moved on a converyor blet from where they are filled to the packing station 10m away. The belt is initially stationary and must finish with zero speed. The most rapid transit is accomplished if the belt accerlates for half the distance, then decelerates for teh final half of the trip. If the coefficent of static friction between a box and teh belt is .60, what is the mininum transit time for each box?

I have no idea what it's talking about or how many boxes there are so I just assumed one...

acceleration first half of trip
i got 5.880 s^-2 m

time for first half
i got 4.124 s

velocity at end of first half
i got 7.668 s^-1 m

acceleration for second half
i got - 6.380 s^-2 m

time for second half
i got 1.202 s

total time
i got 5.3 s

This problem was kind of more involved and I got 5.3 s and listed all of the other variables I solved for in order to get that answer... Does it look right???

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