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Brian O'Reilly earns twice as much each week as a tutor than he does pumping gas. His total weekly wages are $150 more than that of his younger sister. She earns one quarter as much as Brian does as a tutor. How much does Brian earn as a tutor? Use a Chart.

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    let Brian's wage pumping gas be $x
    then his wage tutoring is $2x

    his sister's wage is 2x/4 = x/2

    "His total weekly wages are $150 more than that of his younger sister"

    If found that a lot of students have difficulty with that kind of a statement.
    They don't know whether to add/subtact the $150.

    I used to have my students translate the above into something like...

    His wages are greater than the sister's wages by 150
    ---> x + 2x > x/2 by 150
    so to make that statement into an equation we would add the 150 to the smaller side or ...
    x+2x = x/2 + 150
    3x = x/2+150
    6x = x+300
    5x = 300
    x = 60

    so Brian earns 2x as a tutor or $120

    Brian pumping gas : 60
    Brian tutoring : 120
    total of his wages = 180

    sister : half of his tutoring or 30

    does Brian make 150 more than the sister ? YES!

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    thank you so much

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