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got a question

my problem is

when the sum of 5 and 6 is subtracted from the product of 5 and 6, what is the difference

would i have to divide or subtract

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    sum = answer to an addition problem
    product = answer to a multiplication probem
    difference = answer to a subtraction problem

    (5*6) - (5+6) =

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    i've got another problem

    my problem is

    when the product of 6 and 6 is divided by the sum of 6 and 6 what is the quotient

    would i have to divide first

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    No. First find the product. Then find the sum. Then divide.

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    heres what i came up with


    would that be the way to write it

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    What happened to the "sum of 6 and 6?"

    Please try again.

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