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Homework Help: Geology

Posted by B.B on Monday, August 17, 2009 at 10:24am.

Can someone please help with this problem? I am a little confused.
Where is the location of that June 19 quake (to the nearest tenth of a degree in latitude and longitude)?

P arrival time S arrival time
hours:minutes:seconds tenths of seconds

LTN 3:46:45.7 3:46:50.0

Differences in P&S Distance
seconds kilometers

LTN 4.3 seconds 35.6km

GOIL 3:47:17.2

Differences in P&S Distance
seconds kilometer


POW 3:47:3.0

Differences in P&S Distance
seconds kilometers

Latitude Answer: 36.3 degrees

What is the P arrival time for GOIL since the S arrival time is 3:47:17.2? What is the differences in P&S and the distance?

What is the S arrival time for POW since the P arrival time is 3:47:3.0? What is the differences in P&S and the distance?

What is the longitude?

Thanks for your help.

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