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I need to find the intercepts and then use them to graph the equation.
4y - 12 = 4x

I started out
4y - 12 + 12 = 4x +12
4y = 16x
but I do not think I am on the right path..something does not look right..please guide :)

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    To get the x intercept you are going to want to isolate the x so that your problem equals x SO try dividing the 4 in 4x by itself to cancel it out. Since you have to do the same thing on both sides, divide the 4 by 4y and by 12 then you have x=y-3. Here is an example of how to get y: Say my problem was 2y-6=2x you would subtract the 2y to get it on the other side of the equal sign (-6=-2y+2x) then send the 2x to the other side (-6-2x=-2y). Finally divide the -2 to both sides to isolate the y (y=1x+3)
    -Im sorry if I that made no since at all if it didn't disregard this and hopefully someone else can describe it better good luck!

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    When you tried it, you incorrectly added 4x + 12 = 16x.
    The x intercept is a point on the x axis. In other words, the y value at that point(s) is 0.

    So, given your equation 4y - 12 = 4x, set y equal to 0 and solve for x.

    4(0) - 12 = 4x
    x = ?

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