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I'm stuck on 2 questions and could use a little help please! First question is When preparing a formal business presentation, the phase that can make or break your report is the_______ phase. A. organization B. revision C. writing D. outline I think it is revision but I'am not possitive. The next question is In addition to the information you include in a document, the ____ of your writing sends a messageto the reader. A. tone B. length C. method D. phase I think it is tone I cain't find anything else in my book on this so I need some help.

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    The first question is poorly worded. All of the choices can "make or break" the report. But, you're probably right that revision is the best answer. I also like organization as the answer.

    You're right on the next question.

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    I just took the test, and the answers are Revision, and Tone. I'm 100% positive.

    I got the revision one wrong... I thought it was organization. :S Oh well.

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