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Posted by physics on Thursday, August 13, 2009 at 1:41pm.

"The actual value of computed g, assuming no drag, also varies somewhat over the earth's surface due to the earth's spin (which causes a latitude-dependent centrifugal force to get subtracted), lack of a perfect spherical shape of the earth, and the proximity of very high mountain ranges. "

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ok I found the latitude the longitude and the elevation and used an online calculator which gave me

9.80272 m/s^2
+/- .000003 m/s^2

ok so what exaclty are we ignoring when we use the formula

Fg = (G m1 m2)/r^2

a "latitude-dependent centrifugal force " is ignored in that calculation

"lack of a perfect spherical shape of the earth"

Does this forumla assume that the Earth is a perfect sphere and we are ignoring that it is not???

"and the proximity of very high mountain ranges" How does very high mountain ranges effect the calculation???

And were assuming no drag force??? From the earth moving through space and spinning??? even though there would be one? Or would there not be one?


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