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Homework Help: math

Posted by hello on Tuesday, August 11, 2009 at 3:25pm.

can you check my answers?
i have to write the clop intercept form of the equation
key (a= means answer is)

1. 3x-2y=12
a= 3/2x-6=y

2. x+y=7
a= y=-x+7

3. -13+6y=x
a= y=x/6+13/6

4. -2y=24+6x
a= y=-3x-12

5. 49x-y=558
a= y=49x-558

6. 3x+14y=-56
a= y=-3/14x-4

7. -1/6y-1/6=x
a= y=-1/6x-1

8. 10x-3y=56
a= y=-10/3x+56/3

9. -13/6=-1/6y+x
a= 6x+13=y

10. -14x=1322+48y
a= =7/24x-661/24=y

11. 9x+16y=528
a= y=-9/16x+33

12. 18x=636+38y
a= 9/19x+318/19=y

13. 2x+15y=-402
a= y=-2/15x-134/5

14. x=4-5/4y
a= -4/5x-16/5=y

15. 8x+3y=1
a= y=-8/3x+1/3

16. 7x-2y=-39
a= y= 7/2x+39/2

17. 7/3y-7=x
a= y= 3/7x+3

18. 9x-50y=167
a= y=9/50x-167/50

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