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can you check my answers?
i have to write the clop intercept form of the equation
key (a= means answer is)

1. 3x-2y=12
a= 3/2x-6=y

2. x+y=7
a= y=-x+7

3. -13+6y=x
a= y=x/6+13/6

4. -2y=24+6x
a= y=-3x-12

5. 49x-y=558
a= y=49x-558

6. 3x+14y=-56
a= y=-3/14x-4

7. -1/6y-1/6=x
a= y=-1/6x-1

8. 10x-3y=56
a= y=-10/3x+56/3

9. -13/6=-1/6y+x
a= 6x+13=y

10. -14x=1322+48y
a= =7/24x-661/24=y

11. 9x+16y=528
a= y=-9/16x+33

12. 18x=636+38y
a= 9/19x+318/19=y

13. 2x+15y=-402
a= y=-2/15x-134/5

14. x=4-5/4y
a= -4/5x-16/5=y

15. 8x+3y=1
a= y=-8/3x+1/3

16. 7x-2y=-39
a= y= 7/2x+39/2

17. 7/3y-7=x
a= y= 3/7x+3

18. 9x-50y=167
a= y=9/50x-167/50

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    ***slop-intercept form *****

    sorry :)

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    **********SLOPE-INTERCEPT FORM*********

    my keyboard wont type the e!!!

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    Most of them are correct, but you need to correct the sign of some terms in problems 2,8,10,12 and the value of a coefficient in problem 7.

    The way to go really is to make your own check by redoing the problems without looking at the previous answers. This will actually help you get used to the solution process, and improve your efficiency especially at exam time.

    We do offer check for single problems to make sure the method used is correct. Once you know how to solve the problems, you should be able to make your own checks.

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