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Business Statistics

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1- When the necessary conditions are met, a two-tail test is being conducted to test the difference between two population proportions. The two sample proportions are p1= 0.25 and p2 = 0.20 , and the standard error of the sampling distribution of p1 − p2 is 0.04. The calculated value of the test statistic will be?

2-Given the significance level 0.01, the F-value for the degrees of freedom, d.f. = (7,3) is?

3-A large annuity company holds many industry group stocks. Among the industries are banks, business services and construction. Seven companies from each industry group are randomly sampled to test the hypothesis that the mean price per share is the same among industries. The data are: Compute the F test statistic?

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    1. You should be able to calculate the test statistic from the information given.

    2. Check the appropriate table to determine your F-value using the information given.

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