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Homework Help: physcs (Geometry bit)

Posted by physcs (Geometry bit) on Monday, August 10, 2009 at 10:35am.

how do you prove that
an object on a ramp resolved into it's gravity components were the x dreiction is down the ramp and the y direction is the direciton of the normal force

Force of gravity
x component /\
|Normal force
| /1|
|2 / |Force of graviy
| /Fg | y component
\/ \/
the angles at one and 2 are equal to each other and that they are equal to the angle the ramp makes with the surface it sits on...
/ |
/ |
/ |
/ |ramp
/3 |
surface ramp sits on

in order to say

force of gravity x component is equal to mg sin theta

and that force of gravity y component is equal to mg cos theta

theta being the angle that the angle the ramp makes with the surface it rests on (angle 3)

Angle three would have to be equal to angles 1 and 2 in the picture I drew up there of resolving gravity to its components

SO... how do I prove those three angles are equal

it's been a while sense I took geometry

you might need to understand basic physics to understand the picture I drew of gravity resolve to its components of a object on ramp

It's been killing I have to know what allows us to say those angles are equal to each other

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