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Math 156

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1)Suppose you buy 1 ticket for $1 out of a lottery of 3000 tickets. If the prize for the one winning
ticket is to be $500, what are your expected winnings? I'm assuming the answer for this one is $0.00

2)A basketball player with a free throw shooting percentage of 60% gets fouled and goes to the line
to shoot two free throws. What are the odds in favor of her making her first shot? Is the answer 3:5

3)Two dice are rolled. Find the odds that the score on the dice is either 10 or at most 5. Now for this one I came up with 1:2

Can someone please check if I came up with the correct answers. I'm studying for my quiz

  • Math 156 -

    On the first: THe expected value is 500/3000 or .17 dollars.

    second: correct

    third: ten can be had by 5,5, or 6,4, or 4,6 Probability is 1/36 + 2/36= 3/35
    at most five means 1,1, 1,2, 1,3, 1,4, 2,3 probab is 1/36+ 2/36+2/36 + 2/36 + 2/36 or 9/36

    so total prob is 12/36 or 1/3 or odd 1:2 as you deduced.

  • Math 156 -

    bobpursley on the first one it's a mult. choice which I have
    A) $0.00 B) -$1.00 C) -$0.85 D) -$0.83 where did you get $17 though? I don't understand this one.

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