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please help me to simplify this expression:

2/y^2-3y+2 + 7/y^2-1

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    Do you mean
    2/(y^2-3y+2) + 7/(y^2-1) ?
    1/(y-1) can be factored out of both terms. That leaves you with
    [1/(y-1)][2/(y-2) + 7/(y+1)]
    That is not much simpler, however.
    You could create a common denominator with the second bracketed term, but that won't simplify it much, either.

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    Please take care when transcribing questions involving fractions. All numerators and denominators have implicit parentheses around them, so when put onto a single line, they are necessary. An omission will change the value of the expression.

    For example:
    1/4x+3 is not the same as 1/(4x+3) because without parentheses division is done before addition.

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    (x+5)over 6= 1- (x+5) over 7

    (x+5)/6= 1- (X+5)/7
    I know you have to get a CD of 42 but I can't get the write answer.

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