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Posted by tay on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 at 9:07pm.

I need help on formulating this into a paper that has to be 1500 words:
I.Being a strong supportive parent can become tough especially if youíre a single parent.
A.Some parents may have to work long late hours.
1.The obese children will eat whatever they like since they are home alone.
2.Since the parent is working late the child doesnít get to eat a healthy home cooked meal.
B.Being a stressful single parent can result in unhealthy eating.
1.When the parent is stress they eat unhealthy causing the child to eat what the parents eat.
2.The obese child suffers and stress just like the parent so they eat unhealthy as well.

II.The children are not getting enough of physical outside play.
A. A lot of children do not go outside after they get home from school.
1. The children come home and sit around the house watching television or playing on the computer or with video games.
2. Some children get on punishment and they cannot outside meaning they are not getting the proper amount of physical play.


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