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As temperature rises, solids generally become more soluble in water, but gases become less soluble. If a soft drink contains high concentrations of sugar and carbon dioxide, which of the following may be expected to happen if it is cooled down? A) Sugar may precipitate out. B) Gas bubbles may form and produce foam. C) Water may evaporate rapidly.

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    a is the likely answer the question writer was thinking, however, there is not that much sugar in a soft drink. One can freeze a soft drink and sugar wont precipate out. So the real answer is none of those are likely.

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    I agree with Bob here. While the solubility curve of glucose is quite steep. Solubility drops from about 250 g per 100g water (at 50C) to about 90 g per 100 g water (at 25C). These values are very much greater than those used in soft drinks which is about 12%.

    Interestingly I suspect that if you had a sugar solution containing CO2 that was sufficiently concentrated to drop out sugar at low temperatures some of the CO2 would come out of solution. This is because the crystals will form nucleation sites for the bubbles.

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    Amniotes vertebrates are generally classified into three orders: Reptilian, Ayes (birds), and Mammalian. Of the following, which group of three animals contains one member of each order?

    A) house sparrow, garter snake, African elephant
    B) African lion, sea otter, herring gull
    C) ostrich, American robin, Norway rat
    D) timber rattlesnake, fence lizard, leopard

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