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Posted by Jim_R on Monday, July 27, 2009 at 7:05pm.

trying to find the sims and differences for the following
fertilization v pollination

sim's both part of the process of sexual repro

pollination doesnt involve direct contact since it is transfer from the anther to the stamens by wind or animals

pollination involves male sex gametes and fertilization involves both male and female gametes

gametophyte v sporophyte

both multicellular process in the reproductive life cycle


in sporophytes meiosis produces spores and in gametophyte it produces gametes

game involves a multicellular haploid stage and in sporo it is a multicellular dip stage
sexual v asexual reproduction

offspring are produced by the transfer of genetic information

sexual reproduction involves two organism who provide different gametes, and in asexual offspring are produced by a single organism

the offspring have variable genetic code in sexual and its identical in asexual

thanks again Jim

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