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What is wrong with these sentences then? I have been reading and studying abouy subject-verb agreements and I keep getting this wrong so I need help becauase I just got these wrong.
1. A number of my friends have bought new cars recently.
2.Each of his sisters go to a different school.
3. Robert's friend Steve, as well as his wife, are going to the fair.
I pocked number 3 and it was wrong so what are wrong in theses sentences. I'am totaly lost.

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    The first sentence is correct. In this sentence, the subject is "number" and used as a plural. Therefore, "have" is the correct verb. By the way, I checked the usage and definition of "number" at to be sure of this usage.

    The subject of the second sentence is "each" which is clearly singular. Since "of his sisters" is a prepositional phrase, it cannot contain the subject. Would you say "she go" or "she goes"?

    "Steve" is the subject of the third sentence and is singular. Would you say "he is" or "he are"?

    This site may make subject-verb agreement clearer to you.

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