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Posted by Ni'Jemah on Friday, July 24, 2009 at 12:57pm.

Think anyone can help me. I'm having trouple with my social civics pre-exam.

Who is responsible for running a city under the council-manager program?(A) mayor and the city council. (B) hired administrator who runs the city's business affairs (C) an elected board

What is the job of the county assessor? (A)to nominate local school boards (B) to investigate suspicious activity in polling places (C) to determine the value of property in a county

Which form of government increased its authority after the Civil War? (A) local government (B)state government (C) national government

The ability to refuse certain parts of a bill without having to veto the entire bill is known as a(n) (A)line item veto (B) all or none veto (C) impromptu veto

A group of individuals gathered together to help determine if a crime has occured when there is death is called the (A)select persons (B) township trustees (C) coroner's jury

Which group did writers of the United States' Contitution believe would have the most power in government? (A) national government (B) state government (C) popular government

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