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Reduce the rational expression to lowest terms

1/15abc (5a^3b^5c^2)

Is this right. I reduced,and cancelled out exponents.

  • algebra -

    1/15abc (5a^3*b^5*c^2)

    "*" indicates multiplication. Combine the a,b and c terms.

    1/15(5a^4*b^6*c^3) = 1/3 (a^4*b^6*c^3)

    Since the 15 is in the denominator, I don't know hw you got 3 ratherthan 1/3.

    However, if the formula is

    1/(15abc)*(5a^3*b^5*c^2) =

    1/3 (a^2*b^4*c)

    Without the multiplication indicators, your answer is unclear as to whether it is b^4*c or b to the 4c power.

    You need to make your formulas clearer.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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