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What would happen to the reaction rate of a solution if 10 mL or more of water is added? Will the reaction rate increase or decrease?

The following reaction occurs without a change in the color
2A (g) + B2(g) --- 2AB (g)
a) How could you monitor the concentration of the reactants?
b) How would you determine the reaction orders?
c) How would you find the rate constant and the units for the rate constant?

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    Duplicate post.

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    What water is added it would cause concentration to go down and therefore lower reaction rate but I am not sure.

    however for the second question you can monitor it by collecting gas production and measuring changed in volume/pressure also measure how long it takes for reactants to be consumed or how long it takes for products to be formed.
    for b)for reaction orders you require the rate determining step or you shoudl be given a chart with trials and with different rates and concentration you can find out orders.
    for c) you require the answer from b

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    sorry adding water does not do anything to the rate becuase it just affects concentration

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