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1. The armistace of November 11, 1918, brought to an end almost four years of humans killing humans. It was great that the war was over. Many people had a difficult time adjusting though.

What was post-WWI Canadian society like? Your answer should include the following:

life for soldiers returning to Canada after the war
life for women in Canada
the labour movement (including the Winnipeg General Strike)
Communism in Canada

2. It has been said that Canada's participation in WWI helped it become an autonomous nation. Examine some of the key events that helped Canada become a more independent country.

Canada's role in the Paris Peace Conference
Chanak Crisis
Halibut Treaty
King-Byng Crisis
Balfour Report (made official by the Statute of Westiminster)

3. What was the Roaring Twenties? Provide examples to support your response.

4. Many historians have argued that Canada was becoming more independent from Great Britain during the 1920's but at the same time it was becoming more dependent on the United States. The majority of US influence in the Canadian economy was legal but some of the activity was not legal (bootlegging across the border). Why was their a fear of "Americanization" in Canada? Was this fear justified? What did Canadian officials do to combat "Americanization"?

5. Canada prides itself on being a multicultural country. There are numerous examples in our past though of outright racism in Canada. This was especially true in the 1920's in Canada. Examine racism in Canada during the 1920's. You may want to discuss the Chinese Exclusion Act, the treatment of First Nations people and the pressence of the Klu Klux Klan.

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