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Write the negation of the following: A snowy day is cold. My answer is: A snowy day is not snowy. Is my answer correct?

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    A snowy day is not cold?

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    I meant to say A cold day is not snowy is my answer.

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    Is this correct?

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    You have not specified whether the given statement is a sentence, the negation of which was provided by Damon. If it is a proposition, which would have been stated as follows:
    If it snows, then it is cold.
    The negation of the above proposition would be:
    If it is not cold, it is not snowing.

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    A snowy day is cold.

    Well, if it is in logic form then

    Hypothesis: If snowy, then cold.

    Converse: If cold, then snowy. (maybe)

    Inverse: If not snowy, then not cold. (maybe)

    Contrapositive: If not cold, then not snowy. (true if hypothesis is true)

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