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basically i'm at the begining of the text book doing summer work

it's talking about mean and stuff

asked to find the mean of a set of data and given 14 different numbers

the question then goes on and tells me

a fifteenth number is added to the set of data with the value of zero find the new mean which i did

it asks

what property of the mean does this sitation illustrate?

I do not know what exactly it's asking me here it obviouly made the mean go down but what does it mean by property of the mean??

i do not know how to answer this question

  • statistics -

    One of the properties of the mean is that all numbers of the data set contribute equally (have equal weight) to calculate the mean. Therefore it can be distorted or affected by extreme values, or noise, or errors.
    I suppose that the last value you added was way off the other values.

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