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how do you tell if a site is personal site or not?

because for the 5 site's i'm using for my research paper (listed in an earlier post by Ms.Sue) i need to know if they are personal sites, yes, no , or uncertain

it says to look in the url, but i'm still confused how you tell

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    It is sometimes difficult to tell if a site is personal or not.

    However,a URL that contains
    edu. is an educational site
    gov. is a government site

    Of the sites I posted for you, they are, in order, sponsored by
    Mayo Clinic
    National Institute of Health (nih)
    U. of Illionis extension
    the national government
    Web Med company

    The last, the Health Guide, lists several people on its editorial team, so it probably is not a personal site.

  • nutrition and wellness -

    so are you saying those 5 ARE personal sites?

    these are the questions i have to answer:

    is the site personal
    is there an individual author (if yes--author's name?)
    is the "author" a sponsoring agency (if yes--agency's name?)
    Is the page sponsored by a "parent" organization or association? (if yes--sponsor's name?)
    Can you locate credentials for the author/association/agency?
    What type of site is it? (What is the domain?) edu, net, gov ...etc

    i'm really confused. please help me :(

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