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Homework Help: U.S. History 1865

Posted by B.B. on Tuesday, July 14, 2009 at 7:04pm.

Did I answer this question right? What factors led to the Western expansion movement at this time? What other factors contributed to the movement? How has the notion of Manifest Destiny shaped the world today? Here is my answer: Fredrick Turner said that Americans were not simple different Europeans that was living in another country, instaed certain factors was the closing of the frontier thesis. From the time when the founding of this nation people have been drawn to America because of the pull westward for a new and better life. They moved across the Atlantic first, next across the Appalachians and then across the Great Plains. This was an example of the Manifest Destiny.
The reasoning that was behind the Manifest Destiny was that Americans was wanting more land. The people believed that it was their supreme right to posses their own land. When they thought of this it made them think on the level of agricultural and the industrial age that was growing, land meant resources and resources meant more power. One factor was the value that was passed down from one ancestor to another to move forward. Manifest Destiny shaped the world that is of present time. because it gave a near divine notion of America's promise and future supremecy. Because of our westward expansion, the railroads became the mainstream for our country. Did I explain this right?

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