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Say you make the following assumptions:
1. Afarmer lives on 1 hen per day for a year.
(2.)1 hen eats 25 grasshoppers per day
(3.)1,000 grasshoppers have a mass of 1 kg
(4.) 1 grasshopper requires about 30g of soy beans per year
(5.) 1 human requires about 600 grasshoppers per day
(6.) Soy beans have 3.3 calories per gram

1. Calculate the # of grasshoppers a hen eat per day

2. How many grass are needed for a year's supply of hens for the farmer?

3. What is the total mass,in kg of the grasshoppers needed to feed all of the hens for 1 yr?

4.How many kilograms of soybeans are needed to feed all the grasshoppers for 1 yr?

5. Suppose the farmer chose to eat grasshoppers instead of hens. How many people could the grasshoppers feed, compared to the one person that the hen fed?

6. The farmer needs to consume 3,000 calories per day.If he ate only soybeans instead of the hens or grasshoppers how many people would his soybean crop feed?

  • Math -

    #2. tells you the number of grasshoppers the hen eats a day.

    #3. How many days in a year X numbers of grasshoppers.

    Then take that information and answer the next question.

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